Meet Our
Leadership Team

Our Team

Our team is truly what makes McGillicuddy Concrete stand out. We work hard to bring on the best concrete workers in the industry, people who care about our core values: excellence in quality and service.


Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that each and every person on our leadership team has worked their way from the ground up in the concrete construction industry. It’s an important differentiator, because our guys know the “ins and outs” of every concrete job at McGillicuddy. Our management team started as laborers, moved our way up to project superintendents, and continued from there.

In a nutshell, we care because we’ve been there.

At McGillicuddy, we’re experts at pouring concrete, but we also like to think of ourselves as experts who pour education, training and support into our workforce. Through this, we’re investing in our people, and building the toughest kind of team.

But we’re not all business here, our team culture is a mix of hard workers who make work fun. You have to love what you do, and the culture around you too. Our concrete workers strike that balance each and every day.

At McGillicuddy, we believe building a team is about knowing where you’re going, and being a part of something bigger.

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