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McGillicuddy Concrete is your expert foundation contractor. We know that the most important aspect of a building is its firm foundation. Careful planning and installation of the footings (concrete with rebar reinforcement) helps support the foundation, and prevents any long-term heaving, buckling and settling of a structure, as well as any environmental stress that Mother Nature may bring. 

Poured foundations offer commercial structures benefits such as ease of maintenance, design flexibility, water/fire damage resistance, noise reduction, as well as overall strength, safety and durability. A poured concrete foundation is the commercial building standard of excellence.

At McGillicuddy Concrete, we specialize in cast-in-place foundations and multi-story construction that include various types of formwork, including handset, gang form and job built. Our design formations can include reinforced spread, continuous footings, grade beams, pile caps, piers, pits, mat foundations and more. Our custom-engineered plans are designed around site soil conditions and projected load to ensure a strong foundation for every type of building. 

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We know that every building structure is unique and comes with its own set of unique variables. No matter what the scope of your project, you can count on McGillicuddy to install the right foundation to ensure a strong, stable future for your commercial or industrial building.

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