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At McGillicuddy, we know that concrete slabs are one of the most integral factors of a building’s construction. A floor slab must withstand tough conditions, plus the stress of future floor load. To meet these demands, the pouring of concrete floor slabs requires careful measurements and calculations. 

McGillicuddy has extensive experience working on numerous types of floor slabs. With every project, we take into consideration a wide variety of variables including subbase materials, assessment of geothermal variables, concrete compressive and flexural strength, tolerance, thickness, reinforcement needs, surface treatments, joint specifications and curing requirements. Our McGillicuddy team has boots-on-the-ground knowledge of how each of these variables and steps must be factored in to create a precise, dense, and durable floor slab for your commercial or industrial project. We use the latest technology such as Laser Screeds to maximize floor flatness and streamline the project’s overall timeline. 

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No matter how varied your commercial project may be, McGillicuddy is your go-to concrete slab contractor. Our team is experienced in placing and finishing any floor slab, from heavily reinforced concrete to increased floor flatness in slabs. 

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