Our Story: Building a Concrete Company

Every success story has a strong foundation, and ours is no different.

But look a little closer, and you’ll see why we stand out.

Our Beginnings

McGillicuddy was founded by local, experienced concrete professionals Miguel Murillo and Sean McGillicuddy. The two shared a successful history of working together, and sought to build a company that would stand out in safety, employee advancement opportunities, and dedication to excellence on every job site.

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Furthermore, Miguel and Sean sought to construct a concrete company that adopted the best in technology, excellence in customer service and the highest production standards in the industry.

Core Principles at Work

Right from the start, McGillicuddy set out to select right people to join the team, hiring highly knowledgable and skilled tradesman and managers. Sean and Miguel gave each of their employees the tools they needed to grow and succeed. From there, they trusted their employees to do the job right and utilize their strengths on each and every job site.

This “trust and teamwork” approach became a core principle of McGillicuddy. It’s what sets the company apart, and continues to be a guiding principle and of the company.

Continued Growth

McGillicuddy’s continues to see growth and success across multiple areas, pouring resources and energy in to the following:

  • Exploring new methods and technologies of concrete application in an effort to provide the best quality skills, labor, and innovation to each and every project.
  • Bringing on the best talent and labor workforce to support the goals of our company, and build the best concrete labor team around.
  • Giving back to the community in multiple ways.
  • Giving back to national concrete industry organizations like ASCC and ACI.

With a focus on these principles, as well as safety, high quality work and excellence in customer service…McGillicuddy is poised to continue sustained growth for decades to come.

McGillicuddy believes building a team is about knowing where you’re going, and being a part of something bigger.

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At McGillicuddy Concrete, we build more than just strong foundations. We pour training, education and on-the-job know-how into every employee. Why? Because we’ve all been there, working from the ground up. Looking for a bright future in concrete? Grow with Team McGillicuddy.

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