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McGillicuddy is your expert paving contractor source. Concrete paving has many benefits for the commercial and industrial sector. It makes a great first impression as walkways, driveways, and parking lots for commercial spaces like warehouses, retail stores, schools and restaurants.  Concrete paving is also a cost-effective solution, offering long-lasting durability due to the integrity of the finished slab. Ongoing maintenance is also minimal with concrete paving.

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At McGillicuddy, we are dedicated to creating a strong, durable, stable base for your commercial or industrial property. Every project is custom-designed for the specific durability, functionality and safety needs of your project. When we assess the site, we consider variables like weather and long-term surface impact. These are important factors when determining aggregate thickness and wiring. We also pay special attention to slope and drainage needs so that water redirects quickly, keeping your surface safe from water pooling or icy conditions. 

Concrete Paving

Upon project completion, you’ll find that our walkways and sidewalks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also remain long-lasting and crack-free. Additionally, our driveways and parking lots are installed to withstand impact, and installed with curbs and gutters that cover your ground at every angle, re-directing water away safely.

Additionally, we adhere to all ADA standard compliances when designing ramps and sidewalks. 

No matter the slope, thickness or unique requirements of your project, McGillicuddy is experienced in all types of concrete paving.

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